Sunday, June 28, 2015

Uncle Sam and Sammy Tags

                                                     Introducing Uncle Sam and Sammy!

These tags were made using Alex and the Simple Stories' Stars & Stripes Collection.
I am a NUT for paper piecing with these stamps!
It is sooooo easy!  If you have never paper pieced then here is a quick "How To".

     Stamp Alex on vanilla cardstock, and then stamp on your papers for clothing selection.
 I used a stripe for the jackets, red for the pants, white for the shirts,and stars for the cumberbunds.  The shoes are colored in for both.  Sammy's hair was colored in, Sam's hair was paper pieced.  The hats were by Jolee. On the vanilla cardstock stamped image, I trim all the areas with clothing a little small by trimming just inside the stamped area.  In the patterned paper, I trim just outside the stamped area.  When placing clothing, apply it just like you would get dressed.  For example, shirt first, then pants, cumberbund and jacket.  This way the pieces can overlap slightly. I always cut all the parts out and then put them together.

 To add a little more dimension, the sleeve on Sam's jacket is cut separately, with the stripes heading in a different direction from the rest of the jacket. 

I prefer most of my dolls without faces, that is a matter of personal preference of course.  If you want faces, stamp multiple heads and practice.  Sam looked pretty silly with a beard and eyebrows but no face...

Using Pop-dots is a fun way to add dimension.  Keep in mind that it adds bulk to your albums, and if you are mailing the tag, you might want to use a padded envelope.
I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July holiday.