Thursday, June 26, 2014

Updated Stores List!!!!



I just updated the stores by state list!!!  The list grows every month and I am so grateful for each one of you!!!


You guys are awesome!!


Please look up the stores on the web, on Facebook and on their blogs and follow, like and PIN!!

This helps to ensure the independent stores stay in business!!  The world of independent stores shrinks daily, it is hard to compete, but with followers and subscribers, they grow stronger every day!


Independent stores carry brands like mine that ARE NOT available in the big box stores!!  It is so important to buy from them when possible!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meet the REAL Alex!

 This is Alex, boy number 3 of 4!  Alex is 9 years old.  He was three years old when we adopted him and his brother.  He had been neglected and beaten.  He had no speech, no potty training and rarely fed.  He was also the caregiver to his brother who was 15 months younger.  He learned hyper-vigilance, stealing food and drinks, lying to prevent punishment and many more useless skills.

Alex is considered mentally-retarded and has ADHD.  He is a quandary of other conditions which we struggle with daily.  Both he and his brother suffer from Reactive Attachment Disorder from lack of contact with people in infancy.  We have been told not to expect Alex to be independent as an adult. 

Despite all the baggage he came to us with and the daily struggles, we could not imagine life without him.  He is EXTREMELY loving and always eager to please!  He loves sweeping and vacuuming and he even scrapbooks with mommy!  He tries very hard to be creative despite his limitations.

We love our trips to his doctor because it is a two-hour drive through the countryside.  We get to talk and have lunch together.  We love this special time for just him and me.  He looks forward to it and so do I.  We try to always get ice cream!  It makes him feel special to do this with just me.

We are working very hard to get answers for all of Alex's medical and emotional conditions.  I know I have learned a lot about the public school system while trying to make sure he has everything in place to help him be successful.  It's not always the answer I want, but that's because I want a miracle and they are not miracle-workers! 

I love this boy, without question.  He is my son and I rarely think of him as adopted.  Sometimes I find myself wondering why I can't remember how much he weighed when he was born.  And then I remember it is because I wasn't there!  Adopting Alex is by far, one of the best life decisions we have made, difficult or not.

We love you Alex!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Judy VanZandt Card

Judy used the large Alex stamp to create this elegant card!

You Make My Heart Sing!

I used a chipboard heart as my base for this tag.  I painted it with crackle paint from Adirondak and used the Large Charlie stamp next to a Julie Nutting doll stamp.  I used sheet music for their faces as a play on the title!



I used the base paper of the tag as inspiration.  I used the large Michael stamp, which will be released July 1st.  I thought it felt very 'runway'.  Inside the frame, I used a piece of microfiche that had some magazine covers.  I love the green pop of color from his hat!  The Michael stamp is going to come with 4 hats to chose from!  This will be my first stamp set!!


Here is a gorgeous monotone layout made with the large Alex stamp.  The neutral colors really add a feeling of elegance to this page.


Here is a colorful page I created this weekend using the Andrew stamp and a Julie Nutting doll stamp..
I used a wooden title, covered it in a raspberry colored ink, then put clear crackle by Adirondak on top, it created a really awesome texture!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Nautical Themed Andrew!!

Love the theme and the colors in this beautiful card by Judy VanZandt!

This card features the small Andrew stamp in red, white and blue with nautical touches!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Time Flies!!!

Wow!!  Time has flown by this month!!  It doesn't seem possible that it is already the 13th!!

Well, that means two things are coming your way!  Number 1, you get to see the next stamp in the lineup!  Number 2, you get to hear a little about the one following him!

First things first!!

Meet MICHAEL!!  He is going to be released right around July 4th.  I was a little behind schedule this month.  As you can see, he is casually dressed AND comes with 4 different hats!!  Let me tell you, I have had a blast putting the different hats on him!!  I loved paper dolls when I was little and this brought all those memories flooding back in! 

I look forward to hearing how you like this stamp SET!!  The best part is you will only be paying one dollar more for four times the fun!!! 

Isn't he awesome???

Ok, so then, the one that comes out in August will be Jeremiah.  He is going to be dressed in a tank top and jeans!!  He will be usable as an African-American and will also have at least one accessory with him!  So, stay tuned!!

You guys are awesome!!

Monday, June 9, 2014


This is another beautiful creation by Judy VanZandt!  This time she paired up Alex as the groom with a bride doll by Julie Nutting.  (Sorry, not sure if she has a name!)  I love all the finely detailed textures Judy has added!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Card by Judy Van Zandt!

She made this gorgeous card using Charlie.....we think this is just beautiful!!  Be sure to see her Bio and visit her pages.