Thursday, June 18, 2015

#1 Soccer Fans by Rosie Posie

Good morning!! Today is my day to post to the blog and I am excited to do so! I have been in love with these stamps since I discovered them!! They are very versatile and it is so much fun to mix and match body parts. Yes, that is right….I said body parts!

Both my father and my husband are HUGE soccer fans. My father was my soccer coach for years. My husband and I played soccer for almost 15 years, so you can say it runs in our blood!  The best part of my last pregnancy was I was put on bed rest during the EURO's and a very convenient time to have to lay down!!  Anyway, my husband records the soccer games because we are on pacific time and it is too hard to watch a game at 3am.  For father's day I wanted to give him something from his favorite team.  Fortunately my best friend was in London and picked it up for me. However, I LOVE themes, so I knew I needed to make a matching card!! And since I made something for hubby, it seemed like I just had to do something related to soccer for my dad.

Now since I may have freaked you out talking about body parts, let me post you a photo.  Here is my father's card using Andrew. I loved the suit, because the European coaches always wear suits at the games.  However, my father has a very long beard. So I used the beard stamp from Kris.  Viola!! Problem solved!

For the background I used a honeycomb embossing folder and colored in a few of them black.  I used a toothpick and cut off the sharp ends.  The flag is made from washi tape that was wrapped around the toothpick and I glued a white piece of paper placed on top.  I drew on the glasses since my father wears glasses.  Overall, I am very happy with how he turned out!!

Now since my hubby follows my blogs, you will have to come back next Thursday to see what he received and his card…it is TOP SECRET for now!! But, since I am making you wait, I will also have a mini tutorial on the blog as well!!