Thursday, June 25, 2015

Soccer Father's Day Card by Rosie Posie

Hello, and welcome back!! My husband absolutely LOVED his present and his card!

I knew I needed to use Joe the second I decided to make a soccer player card.  He is the perfect image to make into ANYTHING! Well, I knew I couldn't replicate a Manchester City jersey, so I went to the internet. I eyeballed this and shrunk it down to fit.  I then had to have shorts, so the second image was specifically for the shorts.  I fussy cut all three images out to make sure that they fit and so I could decide which jersey image I liked the best.

Next,  it was time to color Joe.  When coloring the body, I always color outside of the lines. I like the way that they blend better so I am always coloring one for the base and then stamping another image to cut out and glue on.  With Joe, I was going to cover his body so I didn't worry about coloring his torso completely.  I use Spectum Noir markers and after a lot of practice I am able to blend them nicely.  Again, I had to fussy cut him out.  Since I needed his arms available for holding something, I cut out the hands so they were not attached to his torso.  I did not detail cut out the toes because I try to wait for the end so they don't get squished, damaged or messed up on accident. (I usually wait to cut out the fingers and hands as well, but needed to dress Joe differently this time.)

Here I go playing with the body parts again!!  My husband isn't bald and the hair styles with Joe just don't quite match hubby.  But Andrew's head is perfect!  I stamped Andrew's head using my MISTI to make sure I conserve my scraps.  Then I color just his head and cut it out.  Simply glue on Andrew's head to Joe's body and viola! A perfect hubby!

Now for the finished card!  I used a honeycomb embossing folder and embossed the background. I colored in the hexagons that resembled a soccer ball pattern with my black markers.  I liked the shirt tucked into the shorts and it fit perfectly!!  I stamped a soccer ball,  which I cut out and positioned it in Joe's hands.  Now is the time where I fussy cut the feet.  I also used my scissors to make grass for hubby to stand on.  My daughter picked out the stickers to spell DAD in Manchester City colors.  I used some flag dies to cut out some flags and had the kids sign the banners.  Finished up with a "Happy Father's Day" sentiment and I am amazed at the results!  Thanks of looking and of course Joe and Andrew are available in the tic tail store!