Monday, July 20, 2015

Mystical Angel by Angelica Soh

Happy Monday Crafties!
Did I not say I Love Butterflies and Angels!
Well here is my Butterfly Angel
I call it "Mystical Angel"

The picture shows better on a computer or landscape view on your phone.

I super love and enjoyed every moment in making this as I LOVE wings, butterflies and angels. 

Here are the instructions:
1) Size and Print out these beautiful wings designed and available in digital form by Charlene could be found here
2) I used 4 Stampin Up Marker and in this one I used 3 different shades of pink and 1 shade of turquoise.
3) After drawing in and outlining the wings and dress area of the digital. I fussy cut each one out.
4) Align them as shown in the picture and glue then together.
5) For finishing touch I added a resin Angel by Prima Marketing.

This is great as an embellishment for pretty much anything crafty like scrapbooking or even as a home decor charm. Make many of these and it will surely brighten up your project or room. 

-------------- Thank You and Hope I could Inspire you one way or another. Cheers, Angelica --------------