Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alter Egos

Donna here to share how your stamps have alter egos.

Jeremiah has had a great summer, but is ready to head back to college.
I wanted to modify him a bit.
So, I stamped and colored him with markers in the traditional way, then since I wanted him to resemble my son, so I gave him a haircut.
Since I wanted him to have a right hand, I removed his right arm.
Then I stamped him again,

 I stamped his left arm again, cut it out, 

flipped it over, and inked around the edge with a black marker.

Then - VOILA!  He now has a hand on his right arm.

I used my craft knife to cut around his fingers on his left hand, freeing it to hold his guitar.
I love his ruggedly handsome looks! 
These stamps work so well!  The ink takes to the paper well and I get great stamped images.
Thinking outside the box a little allows you to modify them in different ways.
Jeremiah has become Batman, Spiderman and now my son.
All of your stamps can become someone else with a little imagination and costume changes.