Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Production NOW!

We are getting really great feed back from everyone who has ordered Andrew so far!!  A lot of excitement is being generated by the individuals who are purchasing him on the FaceBook selling sites. 
Scrapsalot has gotten their first shipment of stamps in and are very excited to have such a unique stamp available to their customers. 


The small version of Andrew and Charlie are now in production!!  The packaging inserts had to be redesigned a bit to accommodate the size restrictions, so look for the green, swirly tree to be on this package.  Both stamps are approximately 3.5 inches tall and no more than 1.25 inches wide!!  We decided to produce this size for one main reason:  YOU ASKED FOR IT!!  While in Tennessee, I held a couple of small focus groups to introduce the stamps and get feedback.  Everyone loved the stamps in the large size and are excited to buy them, but they also wanted a more compact design that would fit onto cards and smaller projects.  So, we are producing smaller versions of each large stamp we release!! 

The small versions of Andrew and Charlie should be ready for release by the first week of April, so come back often for the announcement!!!
Charlie's debut will be in the (approx.) 3.5 inch size, with the large size to follow in May.

Andrew will be available in the new 3.5 inch size in the first week of April!!

Keep coming back often to see what is coming up!! 

I would also love to see what you are making with the stamps, so drop me an email with a photo!!


To order the in stock stamps send an email with your Paypal information and exactly what you want to purchase.  I look forward to hearing from you!!!!