Sunday, December 14, 2014

We love the Military men in our lives!!!

Meet Mark!

Arrives January 9, 2015!!!
We are starting the year out on a high note! 
We are releasing a military man stamp!!
I am super excited to release this stamp!
This military figure is as close as I can come to being representative of all the service branches combined.  I understand that it may not be EXACTLY like your uniformed guy, but hopefully you will love having him as part of your collection.  I wanted to add ranks, etc, but when I found out that there are more than 20 PER service, I realized that it just wasn't possible.
There are some things I want to explain about this stamp just for clarification.

Most of the uniforms I researched for the military branches all had similar aspects and that is what I incorporated into the stamp.  If you want to create a look that is as close to politically correct as possible, here are some helpful hints:
Put the Military branch name on the right side of the stamped figure, in the spot over the pocket.
Put the last name of your military guy on the left side of the stamped figure, in the spot over the pocket.
The flag that is included can be added to the left side of the stamped figure, on the arm, where the seam would be, just above the pocket.
As an added bonus, I have included an oversized geo tag.  You will notice that there are lines inside the tag.  We all know how the military men in our lives have been to multiple, multiple locations during their military careers.  Now you can plot the points where he has been AND add the date inside the geo tag!!  I just love this idea!!!
My husband retired from the Navy after 24 years and now I want to go create some layouts using this stamp and plot his travels around the globe with this cool geo tag, so our children will have it long after we are gone!  What a cool piece of history to leave for your family!!
Needless to say, I am VERY EXCITED about this stamp and I look forward to seeing many of your creations!!
Mark arrives today!!!
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