Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet the Real Michael!!

Among my boys, this one takes the cake!!  He is brilliant and a musical genius!  I used to talk politics with this boy when he was two!  When he was four, he wanted me to explain the Stock Exchange to him, which I could NOT do!! (truth be told, I still can't!)  If you gave him anything printed in a foreign language, he could read it out loud, with proper pronunciation by age 5.  He didn't always know what he was reading, but he did it anyways!  He showed up his sister by helping her pronounce her Latin vocabulary before a test she was about to take!  So, yes, he is a bit of a show off!  But what can you say when your kid is usually right?  LOL!! 

His current passion is playing his electric guitar.  And he is very, very good at it!  He is determined to make a name for himself with his guitar!  He has big plans and I have no doubt he can achieve each and every goal he sets for himself!