Friday, June 13, 2014

Time Flies!!!

Wow!!  Time has flown by this month!!  It doesn't seem possible that it is already the 13th!!

Well, that means two things are coming your way!  Number 1, you get to see the next stamp in the lineup!  Number 2, you get to hear a little about the one following him!

First things first!!

Meet MICHAEL!!  He is going to be released right around July 4th.  I was a little behind schedule this month.  As you can see, he is casually dressed AND comes with 4 different hats!!  Let me tell you, I have had a blast putting the different hats on him!!  I loved paper dolls when I was little and this brought all those memories flooding back in! 

I look forward to hearing how you like this stamp SET!!  The best part is you will only be paying one dollar more for four times the fun!!! 

Isn't he awesome???

Ok, so then, the one that comes out in August will be Jeremiah.  He is going to be dressed in a tank top and jeans!!  He will be usable as an African-American and will also have at least one accessory with him!  So, stay tuned!!

You guys are awesome!!